Any company that needs space to store products, raw materials, etc. Should start by selecting the appropriate storage area. Premises for the storage must have a sufficient size to meet the needs of the company. If storage space is not optimally matched, the company can ucierpnieć because of reduced productivity. Companies can also meet with the problems of mismatch shelves for storage of goods. To avoid them, companies should devote time and attention to select the optimal fit rack warehouse , which will help minimize the risk of loss. Doing so can significantly improve work efficiency and storage (, WAREHOUSE LAYOUT DESIGN , 2016). In order to make the right decision on the selection of shelves, pay attention to the following aspects.

The construction and design

Companies that every day’s store goods in warehouses, should before buying an idea of what shelves are available in the market. There are products suitable for very flexible applications which differ in price. For example, steel racks are often cheaper than those made from other materials. They are also easily available and have a high specific gravity and high durability. Another example can be racks made of metal mesh, which perfectly suited for applications requiring good air circulation. These racks also allow a search to easily find the goods, because it is clearly visible. Racks mesh they are also easier to install than those with other types of construction (, WHAT ARE THE MOST POPULAR TYPES OF shelves? 2015).

Pallet racks of high storage

Companies that store goods on pallets, often choose high storage racks, designed just for storage zapaletowanych items. These shelves allow you to store your products, production materials, etc. Horizontally on the shelves of steel beams, nets, etc. To handle goods racking are pallet. To use the store shelves to create an individual pallet storage system, you should consider aspects such as available floor space, access to goods, the size and cost of the system design. Apart from the rack, you should also take into account the additional accessories such as bumpers, guard posts, shelves and compartments for determination of (, WHAT racking PALLET ACCESSORIES EC SHOULD INVEST IN? 2015).

safety requirements

 Warehouse shelves should also comply with safety standards. If you do not devote the attention to this aspect at the beginning of the planning process, there is a risk that this could result in subsequent injuries, incidents and even serious accidents. Only through proper preparation for the purchase of shelves, you can minimize the risk of accidents at work. As a result, it improves the storage efficiency. Proper planning, installation and regular maintenance will help to create a safe working environment for all employees in warehouses (, SAFETY AND STORAGE WAREHOUSE , 2011).

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