Tables with Magnetics successfully replaced the models chalk in workplaces and schools. Whiteboard brings many benefits and has a modern look. Among the benefits are worth mentioning the fact that it does not cause allergy and can be used by asthmatics and others badly enduring presence of chalk in the environment. (Overblog, WHAT ARE THE USES OF A MAGNET BOARD, 2011). These boards provide tremendous versatility and can be used almost anywhere. Places where they are most commonly encountered are:


Durability, longevity and modern design arrays of magnetic makes it the perfect choice for offices and workshops. Tables are available in many practical models and may serve multitude of different purposes. The solution for businesses that want one-time investment for years, is a board magnetic glass . This elegant product, ideal for conference rooms and meeting rooms, where is the space for communication. Presentations, task lists and other content can be through such an array of easily jot down and explain. The magnetic suspension allows for reminders, business cards and other forms of paper with the use of magnets. To write on the blackboard are special markers (Clarus Glassboards, THE ADVANTAGES OF MAGNETIC GLASS BOARD, 2016).


In recent years, there was a significant increase in the number of magnetic boards in schools and other educational entities (Nea Member Benefits, Interactive whiteboards ENHANCE CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION AND LEARNING, bd). Such boards are revolutionizing the way in which teachers conduct classes, present contents and encourage students to work etc. You can use them to save the topic, homework or notes, but also to the presentation of the material and tasks during the tests. The model is the most common magnetic blackboard writing , after which he writes a whiteboard markers. Such pens are allergy-friendly and do not leave traces of foul sponge. With the magnetic array can be used to suspend the calendar or the work done by students. School administrators should consider investing in magnetic boards as an alternative to models chalk, because they look aesthetically pleasing, durable and long-lasting and easy to care for.

Houses and apartments

At home whiteboards and magnetic fields they are often used by children and young learner, as well as those working in home offices. Hanging the board in a prominent place is a good way to communicate with family members. For example, thanks to the recall on the execution of household chores, paying bills and other elements of everyday life. To include information sufficient to use magnets. Little children do not threaten contact with chalk and thumbtacks used by boards and cork materials. Tables can also be used with homework and activities such as drawing. On the market there are many manufacturers and distributors of magnetic boards. One such company is AJ Products. You can get them to not only offer, but also help in choosing the appropriate model for themselves.